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PME-1100 is our new series of Diode pump power supply, which is fully digital for supplying constant regulated power of 0-25V, 0-25A.

Product Summary


 Compact size.

 Front panel digital display.

 Selectable constant Voltage or constant current modes.

 User friendly ergonomic design.

 1 year warranty.


 Output Power: 0-25V, 0-25A in steps of 0.1V, 0.1A.

 Supply voltage: 230V AC+/-10%, 50 Hz.

 Size: 160mm x 375mm x 93mm

 Weight: Approx. 4 kg

 Accuracy/Resolution: 0.1V, 0.1A

 Computer interface: RS-232 Tx on pin-1,

RS-232 Rx on pin-2,

RS-232 COM on pin-3,

Fault1 on pin-4,

Fault 2 on pin-5,

Interlock on pin-6.

 Modes: CV/CC modes through V/I key,

On/Off through OUT key,

Set1/Set2 through MENU key,

Up/down through rotary encoder,

Fast/Slow mode key.

PME 1100 Power Supply (Diode Pumped)

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