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A Frequency Generator is a fully automatic unit based on the frequencies given by Dr. Royal Rife and as per the book “The Cure for All Diseases” by Dr. Hulda Clark. It is an electronic device through which we can grasp frequencies in our body to cure the diseases.

Product Summary


¨ Two modes of operation: 1. Auto mode.

                                               2. Manual mode.

¨ In the Auto mode, as many as 300 diseases can be cured. Each of the disease uses one or more frequencies which are pre-stored in the memory of the device.

¨ In the manual mode, frequencies ranging from 1 Hz to 999 KHz are generated.

¨ Low Frequency 1 KHz generated for better signal penetration.

¨ Produces only DC pulses with no AC components.

¨ User friendly design and is easy to use.

¨ It is easy to carry anytime and anywhere.


¨ Multi frequency settings: 1Hz to 999 KHz

¨ Input Voltage: 1.2 V Rechargeable Battery(3 nos.)

                                    AA Size NiCd/NiMh

¨ Square Wave Output: 50% duty cycle.

¨ Color Light: gives positive indication of actual output.

¨ Selectable buzzer option.



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